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There are many reasons to look into water softening for your home or apartment, most of which relate to cleaning. I have been in the business for over fifty years with my company Seymore-Meijer Water Conditioning and I have seen the destruction that hard water can cause for my fellow citizens of Santa Barbara, CA. Due to this experience, I know exactly what to do and how to put in a proper water softening system to help with your issue.

Water softening is the process by which we remove harmful contaminants in incoming tap water, like calcium, magnesium, and various other metals. The process results in softened water that reacts better with soap. No more hard water stains on your dishes or damage to your clothing from the washing machine due to elements in your water!

When you choose Seymore-Meijer Water Conditioning to install a water softening system in your home or building, you can rest assured that it will be expertly done and that your water will be softer than ever. Water softening even improves the drinkability of your water, so there really is nothing to lose when it comes to improving your water situation here in Santa Barbara, CA!

I have been in business since 1961, ensuring soft water for all of Santa Barbara, CA and the surrounding area!

Whether you want to soften your water because of residue being left on your supposedly clean dishes or because of the minerals affecting your plumbing, call Seymore-Meijer Water Conditioning today.

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